Championing Financial Literacy for the Next Generation

Championing Financial Literacy for the Next Generation

We recognize your commitment and invite you to join forces with us in a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionizing financial education.

Why Advocate with Us?

The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) combats financial illiteracy with its streamlined Turnkey Financial Literacy Program, offering certified educator training, customizable curriculums, and strategic support. NFEC emphasizes sustainable behavioral change through evidence-based strategies and outcome measurements, promoting financial responsibility and program efficacy.

Accredited Advocacy

We are an IACET-accredited and Certified B Corp organization, ensuring a gold standard in our advocacy efforts.

Focused Mission

We are dedicated to bridging the educational gap that currently leaves students unprepared for real-world financial challenges.

Collective Impact

Together, we can influence policy, creating systemic change and setting new standards for financial education.

State-Mandated Financial Literacy

Lobbying for all states to require comprehensive financial education in their school curriculums.

Raising Educational Standards

Ensuring that financial literacy education meets and exceeds the rigor of other core academic subjects.

Empowering Students for the Future

Equipping students with the knowledge to navigate their imminent financial decisions post-graduation.

Community Engagement and Partnerships

Collaborating with local communities, educational institutions, and financial experts to reinforce learning through practical, real-world experiences and support.

Continuous Innovation in Learning

Integrating cutting-edge technology and evolving methodologies to keep financial education accessible, engaging, and in tune with the dynamics of the global economy.

Boost Your Financial Education Success

Unlock the power of our comprehensive toolkit, from advanced reporting to certified training, and strategies designed to enhance your impact and revenue.

The Current Educational Crisis

The Current Educational Crisis

In the face of subpar state financial literacy mandates, students are leaving school unequipped to handle basic financial decisions, a critical life skill in our ever-changing economy. Our coalition is poised to transform this status quo, advocating for a future where every graduate is financially literate.

“Being part of NFEC’s mission was like joining a movement that truly changes lives. Their practical approach to battling financial illiteracy goes beyond just teaching; it’s about impactful transformation in communities. It’s not often you come across an organization that walks their talk in such a profound way.” – Alex Johnson

“NFEC isn’t just an educational body; it’s a beacon of hope for sustainable financial practices. Their dedication to eradicating financial illiteracy bridges the gap between knowledge and action, creating a roadmap for financial security that many thought impossible.” – Jamie Smith

“NFEC’s relentless pursuit of a financially literate society is genuinely inspiring. They don’t just educate; they empower, they change mindsets, and most importantly, they provide the tools necessary for individuals to build secure futures. Their work is a testament to the power of commitment to a cause.” – Taylor Reyes
“The passion within NFEC’s mission is palpable. They’re not here for short-term solutions but aim for lasting change through financial responsibility. Being part of their program was a revelation, showcasing how education and real-world financial skills can indeed converge for a brighter future.” – Jordan Clarke

Join Us in This Transformative Journey

Join Us in This Transformative Journey

If your organization believes in a financially literate future for our students, we welcome you to collaborate with the National Financial Educators Council. Let’s reshape financial education ensuring a stable, well-informed future.

Together, we can forge a path to robust financial education standards for every child in every classroom.

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